Monday, August 18, 2014

Sculpture and Visitors and White Gloves

This week brought visitors to the studio, invited and also unexpected.

You think you know how an elbow looks until you have to carve one. It's impossible to use your own because you can't see them! So Wendy volunteered hers for the cause.

 One of the best things about this long project has been working outdoors throughout the seasons.
This lovely green katydid stopped by to smell the cedar.
 It gets really confusing when the wood is many different colors, graphite from my drawn corrections and darkened from the oils off my hands. Time for white cotton gloves!
It's a nice touch of formality in the heat.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cutting a Rug- Drawing in Concrete

After this project is done, I'm working on short quick sculptures for a while! But why wait?

A friend helped me cut the outline of a rug, complete with fringe into the concrete in front of the studio.
From idea to reality in 45 minutes. A nice quick procrastination and back to carving.

 The result makes me laugh, it's about as conceptual as my art can be. What will the field pattern be?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sculpture and TriMet

The end is in sight, but I'm feeling like a marathoner with miles to go!

I've avoided working any more on her face to focus on her other end.

The legs and feet are hard to carve as the grain and the angle of attack changes with each inch.
Also reverted to power tools to shape her dress. The grinder is nasty but actually gives me better forms faster than chisels. Once the shapes are correct, I'll use the chisels for texture.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Studio Guests and Drawing

"Can we come over and draw your birds?"

I felt a funny mix of pride and relief.  Kibu, a Yellow Naped Amazon, and Beauty Bird, a Blue and Gold Macaw, could spend the day out of their cages on their play stations. Ellie, Mimi, and Kay French could draw them and be in the room (just in case!) while I worked on the carving.

Here's the results, first Beauty Bird, then Kibu.

Three sets of drawings by Kay French

 Kibu by Elionor Segal.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sculpture and Our Solar System

How's that for a grandiose title?

What I like about this video, as it relates to sculpture, is how it shows both the incredible movement and depth of what we usually think of as a flat graphic, if we're thinking about the solar system at all.

Remember that Mass (sculpture) needs Space and Movement and Time to be appreciated.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sculpture and Siting

How you site sculpture determines how you experience it. 
It's that important.

Here's the St Francis relief in its new location in front of the studio.
The fountain I've wanted for three years is finally up and running. 
It's so satisfying to hear the sounds of water.

This video isn't great, but it hints at the experience.
 Sitting on the stone bench under the shade of the plum tree, you feel the
 movement and sounds of water, notice the changing light and shadows.
You become aware of reflections, both visual and mental.

Three different kinds of wasps and all the honeybees in the neighborhood stop by to drink.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sculpture and To Grandmother's House

Right now, there are all sorts of houses being made for the Grandmother.

A shade house to protect her and me from the sun. If you look closely at the background structure you can see that a trampoline cover doubles as shade cloth with about 85% screening.

A crate to protect her while we shape the back and sides so that they are square to each other and fit snugly into the metal house...

David Bales takes the lead on squaring up the log so that the sides are parallel and square to the back.