Friday, October 24, 2008

Saved by Tiny Lions

I have drawers full of small sculptures, a library of 3 dimensional ideas.
Every so often they save me.

I needed to design a lion's head for a winery's iron gate on very short notice. Rummaging in the cabinet I found a gold leafed glass lion's head from Venice and a terra cotta lion, neither one larger than 2 inches. They gave me enough information to begin drawing. The finished drawings of full face and profile sent out late Sunday night to be seen by the client first thing Monday morning.

Like any bid, I do it in the hope of creating and being paid for it, and then it let go.
It seems unlikely that the bronze lions will adorn a new gate when razor coil will do the job in the current economic situation.
So this is a good place for both drawing and tiny lions to be free of the drawer.

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