Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Happier Woman- A Potter In Winter

"When I do a December show, the mammal in me is furious.
She just wants to rest and hibernate. This year, I got the show up and just let myself do whatever she wanted. It's made me very happy."

Thus spoke my friend, artist Jan Edwards, on self care during the last two week of snow. Two of her ceramic tiles above, Bird in Hand, and Leaf show her love of drawing and design.

......Jan also gave me the classic summation of living as an artist: "Whenever artists live too long by themselves, they turn feral.... And it's very hard to get them back."

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Anonymous said...

talkin story late into the morning with poet friend, Nirmal, whose favourite Blake quote is, "roll your cart over the bones of the living dead." also, somewhere i saw a photo of the rhodo panels outside the studio - stunning with the snow, glad I was just a tiny part of that.
hugs to you, little one and carolyn
xristo vonkxristo