Friday, November 20, 2009

Sculpture and Bubble Rings

Anything to do with water has my attention. I'm calling these bubbles sculpture because they're perfect dimensional circles of air moving through space. There is no more primal shape than that.

This lovely video (music: "Half way through the woods", by Stephen Sondheim) shows dolphins playing with bubble rings that they generate by blowing air out their blow holes. The ring has surprising strength and tenacity. (a whole study needs to be done on that!)

Inventor David Whiteis has created what he calls "BUBBLE RINGS, " just like the dolphins. They're beautiful, totally ephemeral, and raise more questions than they answer. (my favorite aspect of creativity.) It turns out that there's an entire category on youtube of folks blowing these beautiful shapes.

Click here to see four simultaneous videos on the WaterShapes site.
or go to David Whiteis's website:

1 comment:

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Wow!! Tears in my eyes and light in my heart.

This shows so clearly the deep, deep need for intelligent creatures to play and create and share this with others. And how the very act of playing...creates...and creating...brings about playing.

I think I could do a whole blog on that.