Monday, August 22, 2011

Sculpture and Architecture in Mississauga, Ontario

Sculpture used to be on buildings, an ornament on the architecture.
Now sculpture is the architecture.
photo by Ryan Enn Hughes for the New York Times, from the NYT
Two new condominium towers in Mississauga, Ontario are nicknamed "Marilyn Monroe"
because of their larger than life curves.

Designed by the Chinese Architect Ma Yansong, and his partner, Qun Dang, the towers won an international design competition organized by the development company, Fernbrook Cityzen.

"I was thinking maybe North American cities need some-thing more organic, more natural, more human," said Mr. Ma.

With this design, each floor is different because the floor plates rotate around the central axis of the building. Each unit has its own balcony.

Cities usually develop significant architecture through public projects. This project is unique in that it was developed privately and is a residential  project.

Read more about the towers in the NY Times article here.

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