Monday, January 14, 2013

Sculpture and Dance

I love that in both these photos, two people are standing on only one foot!
We're off to Breitenbush Hot Springs  facilitate a five day workshop called the WOW of Contact.
Carolyn Stuart and I have danced contact improvisation together for over twenty years.
While not as spry as we were in these photos, we've a lot of knowledge to share.

To study and develop different qualities of physical awareness, we'll use intention, research and relationship to refine ease and accuracy in dancing.

Relationship supports expression. The unfolding of expression is infinite. Starting from where we are, becoming happens. Resting in the ride of mutual well-being is the ahhh of C.I. Wow!

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Delphine said...

Wow, magnifique ! never miss a chance to dance... never !