Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sculpture and Paper Cuts - the Geometry of Form

Why would a sculptor in love with three dimensionality become obsessed with flat black paper?

I'm interested in the geometry of form.

Having long run from anything to do with math, I'm finding myself drawn to compass, protractor, rulers, and patterns with all their glory of repeats and symmetry. It's my own alchemical research for that reductive gold of pure form and shape. Seeking and seeing the underlying structures of nature.
Hydrangea and snails papercut by Patrick Gracewood ©2013 9.5 x9.5 inches
Finishing this hydrangea, I got intrigued wondering if I could make an even number of leaves look odd. That's odd. One of those points when you wonder "Is this profoundly cool or totally crazy?"

Can 6 be 5 or 7?
Mathematicians would say "NO!" but don't there appear to be more leaves on the right?

Are three snails the right number?

Composing for a square or circular format is difficult.
If I can do well with both, any other shape will be a piece of cake.

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