Monday, August 12, 2013

Sculpture and Progress

On a big project, you need a way to measure progress.
I measure the daily progress by the amount of debris I make.

The great thing about carving is that the mess is as intrinsically lovely as anything you make.
There is no wasted material. There's the emerging art and everything else the log becomes.

 Big chunks of wood go into the wood bin for burning, the fragrant cuttings carpet garden's paths.
Bright and fresh, these shavings will quickly oxidize to a soft grey/brown.    
Consistent work is important, but it's vital to take breaks for safety and to stay fresh with SEEING the carving. 
In twenty steps, I'm off the concrete driveway worksite and in my "woodland" for a five minute break!

Back at the log? The figure and the rabbit begin to take shape!

 Finally found a grinding blade that quickly removes material. More on this miracle in future post.

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Deb said...

I speak for Grandma:
"Watch where you're putting your foot, sonny" ;)