Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sculpture and To Grandmother's House

It's good to let your art (and yourself) rest.
Grandmother had been wrapped up for a week of bad weather, I unwrapped and stood her up.
Walked twenty feet away to study her and decided that she needed more focus.

"It's either gonna make it or RUIN it."

If you're not an artist, that "OR RUIN IT!!!" can stop you dead from pushing any further.
If you are, it's usually the goad you need to do just that.

I painted her eyes.
 with iris and pupils above, without below.    .... your preference?
It's a tad scary up close, but the standard viewing distance is much further - from a path 20 feet away.
The benefits outweigh the RUIN it factor. 


Barbara R. said...

Where is this splendid Grandma with eyes? My friend in Portland wants to know. I just love this installation, Patrick. Huge congratulations to you.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thank you, Barbara. She is just off the plaza located on Park Ave and McLouglin in Oak Grove (milwaukie)