Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rest in Peace, Andrew.

"The wind from the sea" by Andrew Wyeth and portrait of the artist

"Lets be sensible about this. I put a lot of things in to my work which are very personal to me. So how can the public feel these things? I think most people get to my work through the back door. They're attracted by the realism and they sense the emotion and the abstraction - and eventually, I hope, they get their own powerful emotion." A. Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth died January 16th, at the age of 91. Wyeth was both a conservative and a radical artist in his relationship with the contemporary art world.

There's lots of drama about young artists who die tragically young. I love knowing there's another path, creative souls working a long and productive life, going deeper into themselves and their art. I saw the Helga show and was blown away by the authority of his painting. His watercolors resounded with the slap of a brush, the tempera paintings felt as if they had grown as slowly as lichens on stone. He is in my pantheon of artists. Rest in Peace, Andrew.

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Bpaul said...

I saw the Helga exhibit and was absolutely, profoundly blown away. One of the most powerful "art moments" of my life.