Monday, January 26, 2009

David Cerny - Sculpture as Insulting Cliche'

Photos above from the New York Times site

It's easy to lie to someone who trusts you.
It's easy to make someone (or a country) look foolish is deception is your intent.

David Cerny's 350,000 euro giant sculpture to "celebrate?" the Czech Republic's presidency of the European Union is an 8 ton sophomoric joke.

Member nations are reduced to the most obvious cliche: Germany as a swastika, Italy as a soccer field, Romania as a Dracula theme park, Bulgaria as a series of pit toilets. It goes on....

Not very clever. His creativity went into making up artist persona's and fake websites. The result is notoriety for him, a sculpture that was up for less than a month, enormous waste of materials, bad feelings and embarrassment for the Czech government...this too goes on.

This is ART?

"Some of the Characteristics you see in psychopath are lying, manipulation, the ability to deceive, feelings of grandiosity and callousness toward their victims," says Gregg O McCrary a former FBI special agent. He was talking about Bernard Madoff, but the same could be said of David Cerny and his sculpture.

More here and here.

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