Monday, July 27, 2009

Sculpture and Creative Time.

People think that if you're an artist you do whatever you want, when ever you want. If only that were true.

Granted I haven't punched a time clock in years, but I have to buy my time to create just like everyone else. The rent and paying gigs take priority over what I'd like to do.

The trick is after the rent is paid, while actively searching for the next commercial sculpture job, is to remember not to panic if it's not immediate, and go to my workbench and get to work.

I began to carve again on the little queen. It's been 3 months or more. The little girl it's based is now 6 and is changing physically so quickly that it is now or never to finish it. Right after this next two paying jobs.....


Deb said...

I imagine that block of wood clamoring for attention from the day you put a face on it. Long live the Queen!

Titania said...

Patrick, please let her be six for ever. She is so beautiful, her face
is so expressive and lovely and everything what a six year old is. I have just now a grand daughter she is six and just like this little queen full of wonder.