Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sculpture and Virtual Living

There are many online support sites for artists: Alyson Stanfield at ArtBizCoach, the Unconventional Guide to Art and Money. Fine Art Views, and as many more sites as you have time and money to spend on their books, webinars, etc....

But it's good to know your limits. I've just met mine. Art Calendar, the Business Magazine for Visual Artists is running a series called The Artist's Guide to Marketing and Networking in Second Life. That's right, you can be marketing yourself in a fantasy game world.

The article says there are many SIMilarities with real life when it comes to presenting yourself to the inworld audience of curators, collectors, and other artists.

Really? The idea of creating and participating in an online game version of myself seems like a special level of hell.

The article, sounding like Seventeen Magazine, goes on the tell you how to trick out your virtual personna, I quote:
"First things first, you’re going to need to make your avatar look cool. The more thought and fun you put into it, the more memorable you will be. SL has an “appearance” mode in which you can shape and model your avatar’s size, shape, color, gestures, clothing and facial expressions. Many well-known SL artists have interesting avatars. These artists realize that it can be a great extension of their artistic, philosophical, comedic and creative principals. Go nuts, or try to make your avatar look like yourself. It’s up to you, but remember to take your virtual identity seriously. This is how people will get to know you."

This is how people will get to know you.

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