Monday, September 28, 2009

More on Spider Silk and Weaving

What I love most about this new amazing textile, other than that it now exists, is how many questions it raises.

What do Golden Orb spiders eat- other than each other?
What does a "Harness" for a spider look like?
How do you coax the spider into wearing it?
Will this help preserve them and the environment, now that they have a "use and value"?
Madagascar is a very poor country and needs all the help it can get to protect it's many amazing creatures.

Where is the video of the weavers and the spider wranglers?
Every possible way I can think of the creation of this fabric raises more questions.

The textile is high Craft by its making, but high Art by the number of questions it raises to think about.
Paul Anater has more images and Golden Orb Spider backstory on his blog Kitchen and Residential Design. There's even a video.


Paul Anater said...

Thanks Patrick. I can't get this thing out of my mind either. I came across one of our Golden Silk spiders on Saturday afternoon and stood transfixed for a half an hour. The idea to use that silk for something is primal. Maybe that's the hold this story has on me.

Deb said...

Spider Harnesses ???

There are some things I'd rather not see -
Like another smiling face posed over those funnels used to decapitate my chicken dinner.
Enjoying the beauty of the golden
weave, the story, and the bliss of my ignorance -