Friday, September 25, 2009

Sculpture and Spiders

We're not talking about Louise Bourgeois fabulous sculptures of spiders.

We're talking real spiders, BIG spiders and high art/craft. Photos from the New York TIMES article

Simon Peers, a British textile expert and art historian, and Nicholas Godley, an American Fashion designer, have created beautiful fabric using the silk from Madagascar spiders. It took more than a million spiders and a team of spider handlers to create an 11 foot long brilliantly golden-hued cloth.The spider silk is 8 times stronger than steel and can be 400 YARDS of unbroken thread. It's exquisite.

Read the entire article here:Gossamer Silk from Spiders Spun

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jane travels said...

here in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India I have finally seen this incredible piece, what an achievement!! Would love to know what it feels like? I just purchased some shawls knit from the fiber of the stinging nettle. I'm told that the fiber softens after washing...It was nice to see you. be well, jane