Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sculpture and Continental Communications

The blogging world is amazing.

I received an email from Rachel Larkin in Ireland, I'm on the west coast of the USA in Portland, Oregon.

Rachel had found my bronze relief sculpture of an oriental lily, liked it and made a drawing of it for a class assignment. That's my sculpture at the top and Rachel's drawing below. Pretty accurate, no?

It's amazing to be able to put out my sculpture to a global audience and then have an ongoing conversation with you all. Thank you.

Rachel's letter below.

Dear Patrick,
I'm a 15 year old student from Ireland doing some research for an important state exam. Part of my art project is researching an artist with pieces of art with a similar theme to mine. My theme is flowers and I did a sculpture of a water lily, your piece, Lily Rondel, really caught my attention of being related. The other part of my project is researching the background of the artist who created my chosen piece. It doesn't have much information about you personally on your website and i was wondering if its okay with you for me to ask you some questions. I need the following information, if they are too personal to you, don't answer them:

When were you born?
Where were you born?
When did you create Lily Rondel?
What style is it? (realistic, abstract etc.)
Where is it now?

I hope you don't mind me asking these questions and i appreciate it if you answer them, Thanks, Rachel.

Here's Rachel's water lily sculpture. Looks to be of clay, in the bisque stage. She says it will be painted, (or as we call it, "room temperature glazing".)

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Theresa Cheek said...

fabulous example of the melding of minds we now have with the convenience of the can be compared to the afternoon sessions Picasso, Juan Gris, Jean Cocteau,Georges Braque and so many others would have in small parisian cafes such as Le Palette, discussing the best black or recipes for the best varnish...we can do things so much more efficient now with the internet....I love it!!!