Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sculpture and FractalForums

At first I thought that the orange juice had gone bad.

The OJ is OK, but I'm switching to tea after viewing this video.

It's the work of Daniel White and Paul Nylander. Check out their work on the blog fractalforums.
I found the link while exploring the wonderful designs on Surface Fragments

Also check out this TED Talk with Ron Eglash.

'I am a mathematician, and I would like to stand on your roof.'is how Ron Eglash greeted many African families he met while researching the fractal patterns he’d noticed in villages across the continent.

I love the section (11:9)where Ron is talking about being initiated into the Bamano Sand Divination ritual to understand how they use it. He found out that it is a pseudo-random number generator. Never underestimate the locals.

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Theresa Cheek said...

Well, those guys were drinking something stronger than orange juice. Incredible work.