Friday, October 29, 2010

Sculpture and Ethan Law

Remember that Da Vinci drawing of the man in the square within the circle?

Here it is made real.

Sculptors and dancers share the same fascination of shaping space. Notice how you become aware of the space dancer and the circle inhabit, both when they are together and when they separate. How do you perceive the entire charged space they generate. (Bonus points if you also are aware of how he slows time for us in certain movement phrases!)

Watch this  wheel number from E and M-P on Vimeo.
The performer is Ethan Law. Roue Cyr Wheel number. The video is a work in process, April 24th 2010


Deb said...

Me too, I wanna play! And I want
all my fingers back when I'm done.

Mark Downing said...

That's just what I needed after reading the dreadful newspaper. I'm going to the gym.

Mark and Fern too