Friday, October 8, 2010

Sculpture and Masdar

Dust storms like this can wreck havoc on photovoltaic equipment.
More news of Masdar. A anonymous reader wrote in with much more information than the New York Times article. Rather than let his/her and links disappear in the comments section, here they are for us all to read and learn more.

Patrick, FYI this reporter is very out of date. Masdar City has effectively been cancelled.

Masdar has announced that despite 3 hard years of trying, they could only find one single client to lease

In a planned development of 6 million m2, that’s a disaster.

Apparently there simply is no demand for this “green city” with zillions of unoccupied office buildings in nearby Dubai.

What now? Obviously it would be very embarrassing to admit failure, so they'll leave the one school building they already built, and wait a few years to see if the property market will recover.

PS. the school’s occupied by some cute and crazy kids (Laura Stupin reports on student housing.)
You can see the empty, desolate empty plot as well.

Other articles which chronicle the fall of Masdar are here:

One commenter pointed out how every single claim of Masdar City has been discarded (zero carbon, zero waste, no cars, etc). There’s even a photo op picture of German leader Merkel filling her car up with gas at the one gas station there in this so-called car-free, zero-carbon city).

Very funny indeed! Meanwhile, they had no problem building a gas-guzzling Formula 1 track and a huge Ferrari race track in only 2 years, while letting Masdar wither.

I guess their real priorities speak for themselves.

When, I wonder, will the green community stop letting itself be played a fool?

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