Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sculpture and Fostering Harmony

The Architetural Heritage Center has a new art exhibit, Fostering Harmony that asks the question, "What happens when the natural world meets the man-made?"  I have two carvings in the show, Nesting Birds and Rich Autumn.

Nesting Birds by Patrick Gracewood © 2010

Rich Autumn by Patrick Gracewood ©2010
The show asks How does architecture and the natural environments successfully coexist? How can they compliment and influence each other?

As part of the Community Conversations, I'll address those questions and will talk about my 30 years as a professional  sculptor  on November 10 at 6pm.  The Architectural Heritage Center is at 701SE Grand Avenue, Portland Or 97214. Phone: 503-231-7264 or

I'll also demonstrate carving architectural ornament using AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) as my medium.
In his orchard by Patrick Gracewood ©2010


Sherrie Y said...

(sigh) I wanna be there. Where the heck is my transporter? And weren't we supposed to have jet packs by now, too?

Karin Corbin said...

You did not state which day and what time you will be doing the community conversations. Some of us followers do live close enough to come and hear you speak.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Sorry Karin,
While editor of Pacific Northwest Sculptors, I was constantly asking, no, demanding: "You've got to tell me: "Who? What? Where? When? Why?"

and then I forget to provide the basics. sigh, updated above.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Perhaps you could speak more about Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. How did you come to use it, do you prefer it over other mediums, what makes it right for what you do? I'm assuming it's easier to carve, but I'd love to hear more about it from you. ... Mark

I could see a posting just about this. (I'm thinking of doing a carving for my front porch pediment, so I'm interested in your particular experience with it.)