Monday, November 8, 2010

Sculpture and Tina Sudell

I discovered Tina Sudell's blog, The Garden Design Chronicles. Tina is a garden desinger and garden consultant and outdoor furniture designer. 
The house garden at the Saint Gaudens National Historic Site
 The following is from her post Dream Gardens,  quoted with her permission.

"I have to say that art and sculpture in gardens when well placed is one of my favourite things of all time. 

Why? Why? Why?
I ask myself and it is a question not easily answered. 

Perhaps partly for me while I love art I do not find art galleries necessarily very relaxing places. I am always conscious of the other people, I feel exposed and self conscious especially if I sit and contemplate. 

Besides the places to sit are always floating in space which makes me nervy. In the outdoors I feel much more comfortable. I feel I can sit and look, I feel I can chat to a friend, I feel I can look at the art if I choose or just soak up the atmosphere. I can enjoy the sun, the plants and the smells. There is so much more for the senses to feed on than in a somewhat sterile environment of a gallery.

More often than not I find sculpture soothing. I’m not really sure why this is. I like the interaction the artworks have with the surrounding environment something that you really do not obtain in a gallery. There is no interaction. They are merely objects in space, demanding your full attention. 

Perhaps I like the fact that the outdoors reduces the artwork's demands on you. I feel free to take them in or not. I feel free to eat a sandwich, read a book, close my eyes. None of which I can do in a gallery. A sculpture garden allows me to be human."

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