Monday, February 21, 2011

Sculpture and Basalt Benches

What's cooking?
The outdoor cooking class display at the Yard Garden Patio Show. 
 Sponsored by Mutual Materials and installed by JP Stone Contractors,  Peter Andrusko's paired 9 foot tall basalt columns took it over the top with 3 additional feet of flames emerging from them.

They were impressive, but what I lusted for were the stone benches.
This basalt column was as nature left it,except for having the surface planed to a perfect horizontal.
 I want it in my garden, all ???? tons of it.
Rustic or Majestic? This 8 foot bench basalt column and slab bench is both.


Theresa Cheek said...

I can just see that bench in your garden!! How in the world did they even get it there? It is fabulous though!

Patrick Gracewood said...

I gripe about how heavy (200+ pounds) the cast stone st Francis is... We're talking dozens of tons with columnar basalt. Major fork lifts and you don't want to be anywhere IN the vicinity!