Friday, February 25, 2011

Sculpture and Les Twins

Aside from Degas, most sculpture about dancers is pretty dismal. It's usually a very stiff ballet dancer pointing her foot, trapped in an eternal arabesque.

So instead of showing you bad sculpture, let's watch some dancers really move.

This video isn't about pretty girls in skin tight clothing, this is about the marvelous ways the human body can move and surprise and amaze us.

Les Twins encore. (double click to see entire screen on youtube.)

Did you see them freeze time, defy gravity, bend a gender, move faster than humanly possible? Now can you imagine a different kind of dance sculpture?

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kara rane said...

I love these twins ** They are the only modern dancers to offer a progressive evolution to MJ,,sorry Usher & Justin B. you only copy Michael- but these geniuses take it so much higher.