Monday, March 14, 2011

Sculpture and The Portland Tribune

A photo of my St Francis sculpture made the front page.

(Let me qualify that: front page of the The Portland Tribune's Home and Garden Section, 3/10/2011.)

Barbara Blossom Ashmun, aka the Garden Muse, wrote about "Gardeners brimming with spring plans" after a visit to recent the Yard Garden Patio Show.

The photo she used is of the Association of Northwest Landscape Designer's colorful booth. Designed by Andrew Babiracki of TerraPrima, its bright colors of oranges and purples make green foliage really stand out.

And at the center of booth and photo? My newest caving. 


kara rane said...

Wonderful St. Francis sculpture, unique interpretation and just perfect. Congratulations!

John M. Casteline said...

Before long, I expect to see your St. Francis in every Garden Center in the USA. I'd buy one.

Sherrie Y said...


Theresa Cheek said...

can I have your autograph? ;)

This is very cool, you know. It is a great collaboration.

Barbara R. said...

Patrick, I had no idea this backdrop was designed by Terra Prima. Did you work directly with Andrew? Crazy small world.
Barb R.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Barbara, you recognized the orange paint? All I did was bring in and place my sculpture.