Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sculpture and the Romanesque

After visiting the nursing home, I stopped at
Fubonn, the largest Asian shopping mall in Oregon. I was in a mood to see something different.

Pick any country in south east Asia, if it's not the aisle you're in, it is one aisle over.

Couldn't find any almond cookies, the smell of fish overpowered trying to select incense. Over the sound system, Cher was braying out "If I could turn back time..."

I was transported. To the 70's.
As I left the store, I looked at the array of marble statuary outside.
There were really ugly marble horses the size of Shetland ponies. Ditto for dragons, and tigers. Then I saw this trio.

The "Family of God".

I've been looking at a lot of Romanesque art, trying to identify what makes it so quirky and appealing.

This group that would have been a big hit in Prague in 1200 AD.

Contemporary Vietnamese sculptors carving their version of a western European (Catholic)
image puts that quirky spin on all the features
and forms.

$750 with 20% off......... a bargain for "Romanesque" art?

If I bought it, I'd insist on getting the tag too. Family of God #25. There's something funny about seeing it in print. And on sale.

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Cindy Michaud said...

Thank you...what a great read to start my day. I often wonder if eastern artists laugh at our upside down symbols we think mean 'peace' or our interps of Buddha.....