Friday, September 2, 2011

Sculpture and Patterns

Do you believe what you know or what you see?

People walked right through the construction zone at the central Library oblivious to the shadow patterns cast by the bright orange protection plastic.

I stepped inside the tunnel and just about fell over. The pavement was no longer flat. It rippled with dizzying sets of Op Art patterns with many depths of focus. Layer upon layer of glowing orange shadow patterns.

I walked through because of the people behind me, let them pass, and turned around and went back in.
Repeatedly. I couldn't stop grinning upon discovering the best free amusement ride of the day. It made me want to ask strangers " Can you see this? Does it make you dizzy too?"

What insane paper cuts these patterns would make.


kara rane said...

this is the joy of unexpected Life,,i love unintended art installations!

John M. Casteline said...

You made me smile. Walking repeatedly through the shadow pattern would be something I would do. My wife just shakes her head and thinks I'm crazy.

Theresa Cheek said...

I would be right there with you! LOL! It is a nice, crisp pattern, good sunshine that day!