Monday, October 3, 2011

Sculpture and House Painting

What saves our new house colors from being too conservative is a little bit of sparkle.
23 carat gold sparkle.
House Bling: 23 carat gold leaf
Our very capable contractor, Mark Downing, suggested I make a sculpture for the apex of the roof.
I said, "Too fussy. It should be gold." We laughed but then thought, "Why not?"

The small touch of gold leaf is both a funny blessing for the house and an ironic commentary on the cost of stripping the building down to bare wood, priming and repainting it.
The first part of the building to catch the morning sun, glows and bounces the light back to the world.
Antiquarian and restoration expert, John Barrett, braved three stories of scaffolding, carrying all the necessary tools and his supplies in a small bag. He applied the oil varnish in the morning and came back in the late afternoon to apply the 23 carat gold leaf.
Antiquarian and restoration expert John Barrett applies the colored oil varnish base for the gold leaf.
 Does this count as conceptual art?
So with all the painting and gold leaf, and the decision NOT to use sculpture,
where does sculpture come in?
That's for the next post when the scaffolding comes down.


Susan Roux said...

Bling on the sunspot. I like it!

Patrick Gracewood said...

It's beautiful in the morning sun, Susan. Surprised to find it also glows (much quieter) with our rainy weather.