Friday, October 14, 2011

Sculpture and Richard Brandt

Richard Brandt goes into uncharted ceramic territory with his sculptural work.

Fascinated by arcane technologies, Brandt's sculpture explores a future/past of engimatic objects. His machine parts look as if they've survived a meteoric crash of an alien space craft. The rough bodied clay sculpture is wood fired which adds layers of spontaneous colors and texture from long exposure to extreme heat and ash.
Dorje Gear ceramic sculpture by Richard Brandt ©2011 8" X 11" X 7"

Crown Gear ceramic sculpture by Richard Brandt  ©2011  10" X 10" X 9"

Spiral Sprocket Gear ceramic sculpture by Richard Brandt  ©2011 10" X 10" X 10"
Brandt says this about his work: "The objects that I make are post-industrial artifacts from the future.…clumsy arthritic parts of machines with specific functions, yet these parts are rendered obsolete through time and displacement. Their forms tell a story of being unfinished…as if a sudden shut-down of their manufacturing took place."

Richard Brandt is part of Portland Open Studios this weekend.


kara rane said...

completely fitting for Now.

Beatriz Cunha said...

Beautiful, interesting work! I love his concept.