Monday, April 16, 2012

Sculpture and Painting

Lessons learned from this painting:
The plan is to help you begin and have something to follow.
Every plan has to be able to change. Sometimes Radically.  
The plan is not always what you want to wind up with.

Color is magical.  
Any painter, from the middle ages on, could have told you about Einstein's theory of relativity.  
Color only exists in relationship with the colors around it.
Change one and you've changed everything. Sometimes Radically.  

It's good (once you've survived it) to challenge yourself in new media and styles.
You improve your skills. Sometimes Radically.    
If you've picked an unfamiliar genre, you study the masters of that style and deepen in appreciation and connection with the artists who have gone before you. 

Sometimes Radically.

Initial sketch for portrait. How good to have begun with this idea rather han ended with it!


Theresa Cheek said...

So, so true!!!! I am always telling clients that we might begin with a certain direction , but the project will "evolve" and take its own path in the long run! I just try to keep up with it!
I love your finished piece. It would not have been the same if you had not taken the long journey!

kara rane said...

Thank You for sharing Patrick~
Beautiful work. (& know exactly what You speak of with color relativity, a great tool to know as an Artist)