Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sculpture and Ennio Marchetto

How do you distill what you are trying to convey in your art 
into the most simple and direct expression?

Ever try to make a paper costume? Or do an imitation of someone?
It's a lot harder than it looks.
Ennio Marchetto, the living paper cartoon, makes it look easy (and funny.)

What makes Marchetto's work more than drag lip synch is the creativity of the costumes and his skill in movement and suggestion. Performers are conjured up with an iconic costume or gesture. Watch his Gene Kelly glide, and Liza Minelli's tortured contortions. His transition from Bollywood to the Supremes is inspired.

His video got me thinking about style and styling.
It's not just what you make, but HOW you think about making and presenting your work.

Ennio Marchetto 

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