Monday, May 27, 2013

Sculpture and Architectural Ornament

Good thing I made a back-up pair of tiles,

because now I've got scrap parts to test glazes. Shiny white on the left, matt white on the right.

There's always a learning curve. 
On the first cracked pair, I let the packed clay dry too long before I reinforced the back.
The second set was packed all at once and bisque-fired just fine. 

Now everyone, please pray to the glaze-firing gods because my back-up pair 
is now my only pair and time is running out.


Jenn said...

Beautiful! Praying to the glazing gods, and all their little fire spirits for you!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thanks, Jenn, I unload the kiln today and find out if it's a go or back to square one.