Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sculpture and Architectural Ornament

When I wrote my manifesto, I said if I couldn't restore buildings I'd create architectural fragments.
This is NOT the kind of fragment I meant!

Five pairs, ten tiles, and everyone of them has cracked or broken completely apart. 
I got help from a ceramicist friend and am treating the clay differently as I begin again.

But damn it, I'm determined to save what I can from all the previous work...
so that it looks more like this....

Here's how I did it.

A 5 minute epoxy to reassemble the shards

I mixed up a warm white putty using secret ingredients. (a white crayon and beeswax)

This wax mixture is used to fill the seam and replace any missing chips.
I started with a metal tool but soon switched to a wooden tool 
so as not to leave any metal marks on the white glaze. 

 Here's a view of the backside. 
I used another secret ingredient, it's old nylon trampoline mesh, to reinforce the seams.

Here they are after repair, certainly not perfect, but better than throwing them in the trash! 
They'll probably be mounted on the studio building.

Now I'm praying for pair number 6 to come through the firings unbroken.

1 comment:

Theresa Cheek said...

You are a genius! White crayon and beeswax!!! It is funny how we view things, I love the integrity of old, cracked pieces and leave them as is when possible...they are war scars and I have rescued them to be admired as the old soldiers they now are.
I will now be buying crayolas again...I guess we do regress to our childhood...or did we ever leave it as artists?