Monday, June 17, 2013

Siting Sculpture In The Garden.

This Saturday, June 22, I'll be giving a workshop for the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (HPSO).

Discover the impact that sculpture has in a garden when effectively placed.
This is a hands-on workshop, working with art and this garden. 
Experience how art changes a garden space and how the garden changes your experience of art.

Without careful siting, this lovely Korean stone carving looks like she's running away from home.

 Given a context, the sculpture becomes both surprise and anchor for this section of the garden.

The design problem of needing a hose break became the solution. Beginning with a masonry block base, a simple wooden structure becomes her home. Tough carex hides the base and withstands the coming and goings of the hose.

See you this Saturday?

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Patricia Ryan said...

What a great workshop this was! I learned so many new things to think about when I'm adding either plants or art to my garden. Your treatise on making the most of the garden to shift focus from do-ing to be-ing is just what I need to stand my usual way of looking at it on its head, and turn it into the space I really need. Thank you very much! - Patty