Monday, April 21, 2014

Sculplture and The Garden

A big project requires major procrastination.
That fact dawned upon me halfway through re-landscaping the entire front of the studio.
But by then it was too late to turn back.
The rational was: 1.The planter was trapping rain water too close to the studio. 
                             2. Not enough soil and moisture to support healthy bamboo.
                             3. I wanted to focus more attention on the large relief panel.
(yes, cleaning up toys and projects would be a good start.)

Turns out the bamboo had break out plans of its own.
You can see this runner was prying up one of the 160 lb blocks.
Time to dismantle the entire thing and start over.

Move each block to storage area.
Thank goodness the driveway makes it easy to roll them away.
Clever to remember the bamboo guy. He came, dug it up and took away the bamboo. Whew.
Now just move all that dirt somewhere else.
Moving a dwarf spruce, and all the succulents created a temporary nursery/holding zone.

After all that work, a blank canvas, but plenty of ideas to make it better.

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