Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sculpture and Models

The BIG fear with carving is that you can't put any material back on once you've taken it off.
The solution, which seems counter intuitive, is to take off even MORE material!
Sculptor's secret: We all want to play it safe. Most carving are not pushed far enough.

After the panic, it's freeing to realize that what you need has been carved away. 
All Gone.
To get what you want you carve everything else further back.

That's were the real carving begins. 
The magic of carving is that the more you carve away, the bigger the carving becomes.   
There is less material but much more clarity.  
More intention = better art.

Instead of 3 surfaces, a log, or a block's 6 sides, you carve as many surfaces and forms as needed to tell your story. You create depth by creating a hierarchy of forms. Every shape becomes more clear and meaningful.  
It's been too wet to work outside on the big log.  
So I've spent time solving problems on the model.


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