Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thonet Chair Rescue - Before and After

I have a thing for chairs. Hate to see good ones abused. Out driving, I saw four Thonet upholstered bentwood chairs dumped by the side of the road. Had to stop.

A good sit is hard to find.

Judging by the turquoise Naugahyde, they were probably from the 1950's. Oooh, Mid Century! Tho' tired, they were still pretty solid, good support. I left the broken one, took three, one to cannibalize for parts if necessary. Did the reupholstery myself, these chairs were just the right amount of work. Not too much, but enough to feel satisfied and proud of the results.

With some sanding, polish, new cotton stuffing and smart retro fabric from the Whole 9 Yards they are ready for another 50 years. I love how the new material references both the 1950's and turn of the 19th Century's love of the irregular line and the peacock feather's eye, and even has the same turquoise blue.

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