Friday, February 5, 2010

Sculpture and Hand Made Hideous

Several folks have suggested I sell my sculpture on Etsy.

"I know you'd have to change the size, material and content of your work, and do production work instead of fine art, but you could, like, you know, SELL THiNGS!"

Sigh... I've actually considered doing it, then I found Regretsy.

"Handmade? It looks like you made it with your feet." is their tagline. Regretsy is a snarky take on the earnest hand-made scene. I browsed their SOLD page and learned that what was hot on Etsy was hilarious on Regretsy.

Posted by "Helen Killer" who writes, "I don’t know what the “freebies” are that come with these hideous sneakers, but with any luck they’ll be change of address forms. Because as soon as someone in your neighborhood sees you wearing these things, you’re on the list to get your emo weepy ass kicked every f'ing day for the rest of your pathetic life."

Brutal. But sometimes a critique is necessary.


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Patrick Gracewood said...

Wow and to think I was wishing for more readers.

Isabel, I've haven't been spammed on my blog till now.

Must figure how to delete your posting or link it to some Chinese hackers.

Anonymous said...

Isabel is awesome.