Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sculpture and 10 things in the studio #1-3

Carolyn Parker at Rose Notes tagged me asking for a public declaration of ten things that make me happy. Since this is a sculpture blog I'll just look around the studio for answers. It's good to take a momemt the count your blessings. Rather than scroll for pages I'll break it into multiple postings

1. Studio mates To make any art, but especially sculpture, requires spending an inordinate amount of time working.


Tweety PI, aka 22/7, the canary punctuates my day with showers of song. Doesn't matter if I'm quiet in my office or making shop noise grinding, hammering, - he just sings. It's always a blessing.

The rest of the peanut gallery are big birds, the three parrots: a big blue and gold macaw, Beauty Bird. A warrior of an Amazon, Kibu, and my crack baby cockatoo, Sydney. Lots of talking, no criticism. They make me laugh with their antics and fierceness.

3.My library is 90% art books. So satisfying to literally have a world of knowledge at my fingertips. (The books are hidden by sliding doors when not in use.) Four feet of books on the middle ages, obscure texts in Japanese with great photos, 2 1/2 feet of Asian art book, How to's and biographies of Tillman Riemanschnieder, Eli Nadelman, Manzu, Brancusi, Barlach, Kollewitz....

They are the constellations by which I navigate my own seas.

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