Friday, February 26, 2010

Sculpture and 10 things in the studio #4-6

Studio things that make me happy 4-6. Late posting today because I was hammering out an art proposal. Lesson learned today? If I don't like a drawing, it's so much easier to start over and simply redraw it than waste 90 minutes applying photoshop CPR.

4. Familiar tools.
Several of which have been with me from the start. 30+ years of working together making sculpture. They know my hands.

When I work on a job site I am totally focused about having them either in my hand or placed in my toolbox. Even if it's the modified tongue depressor. Yes, I can replace it, but it would take a hour of my time to get it just so again.

5. New tools. These are golden means calipers. They divide up space proportionally. The shorter section is to the longer section as the longer section is to the entire span. I find my eye naturally does the right placement, but if I've any doubts They're a great way to check work.

I've had the plastic proportional calipher for years. It was a good idea badly executed. Made by Now and Zen. The book that cam with it is handy but the plastic isn't accurate, it's curved. Everytime I pick it up it irritates me how cheaply it's made.

I fianlly found a decent pair. They are a pleasure to use. Made by a fellow in Argentina, Javier Holodovsky. His website is His email is

5. The garden surrounding the studio.

I've had studios in warehouses in bad parts of town but after finding someone murdered in doorway next to mine I no longer craved that "cutting edge".

In a warehouse if you step outside, you're on the street. There is no transition. Here I can hose work down, do my dirty work outside, eat lunch in the sun and be inspired by the garden.


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