Friday, April 10, 2009

Corinthian Capital Sculpture #4

Now for the second half. It's a lot more complex. I'm only sculpting one quarter of it. That means that it must match up exactly on both sides. Two quarters to make a half column. That gets molded and cast twice to make an entire Capital.

Here it is, seen from the 2nd story loft. One of the biggest problems of working large is getting far enough away from the work to check it. Things can look fine at arm's length, but this monster is going up 60 feet in the air. That's 4? 5? stories tall! It needs to have more punch than finesss to read at that distance.

The second photo shows a cardboard maquette of the projection of the largest leaf on the first half. No point in wasting much time or energy sculpting what cannot be seen because it's hidden by this leaf.

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