Sunday, April 5, 2009

Corinthian Capital Sculpture

If you choose to accept this assignment: Here is the beginning of the Giant Corinthian Capital. A not too good photo printed on copy paper. Only one angle to figure out all the details of a highly complex sculpture.

When I ask for more information, I get enlargements of the same photo. They don't want me sculpting 1 inch square pixels, I'm sure. No further information will be supplied. Damn.

Sometimes it feels like I am doing sculptural forensics.

Oh and because of the scale, it will be modeled upside down.

Batten the hatches 'cause I took the assignment.


Deborah said...

Holy B-jezus, Patrick. This is crazy-man territory!

Susan GT said...

Wow!! Totally cool and what 'job'.

T Hildebrandt said...

check this site out for a lady that builds/carves capitals


Patrick Gracewood said...

Thanks for bringing Sarah Rowe's work to my attention. She does amazing work.