Wednesday, April 29, 2009


They've torn down the little shack behind the studio and are building a two story house  close to the lot line. It will look down into a special part of my garden.  There goes my privacy.

So I'm researching the growth rate of Incense Cedars (Calocedrus decurrens) for a solid dark green wall (70 feet tall) that won't grow too wide (8 to 12 feet wide). Turns out that Incense Cedars provide the wood for most pencils. 

In looking online I found this curious blog Timberlines : Musings from the Forest: Thoughts and discussion on the pencil industry, forest management, California Cedar Products Company and the artistic and written creativity enabled by the wood-cased pencil.

I thought that writing about sculpture and the garden was a small audience.  A blog for pencils lovers? I must admit that I use ink for my drawings as it doesn't smear. But everyone that has ever held a pencil can learn and enjoy something new about the most humble writing tool.  Go Here


Emily said...

This is my favorite article about pencils:

Its 'premium content' so you can't read it all, but just the Count's full name is worth clicking through.


Patrick Gracewood said...

Thanks Emily Von Bicycle Und Gruen Fraulein.
I guess to have a name like the counts one must have a title and funding to back it up.

danger garden said...

Patrick - I feel your pain. We went through the same thing in our backyard. Luckily enough of the greenery stayed that we still have some privacy. But there are now 2 HUGE 2 story homes were one little one story used to be.