Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sculpture and Mold Making

"Why so blue, Dude?"

"Sometimes my thoughts get me down.
You know, when what i expected doesn't match with what's out there."

"Bummer. You want to go for a walk?"

"I'm waiting for a phone call from my agent."
This is an unexpected stage in casting the sculpture Still Thoughts. The mold rubber did not cure in several places. We have to make the mold again. Damn. We cast a plug, the grey version, and I am carefully replicating the original textures to match the original carving. The mold will be made from it instead of from the original carving.

Turns out that in finishing the carving I used a steel wool that had oil on it, the oil inhibited the silicon from setting. Who knew that steel wool has an oil on it to keep it from rusting?

A test patch on a section worked fine, but on the casting there are several big flaws in just the places I'd reworked and polished with the steel wool. No, I'm not going to show them because after I get done tooling the new master they won't be there any more. Just a setback of several days and an additional $200 in silicon rubber. Sometimes test samples don't give you accurate results.

Also, the folks who make Krylon clear sealer, the spray fixative for drawings, changed the formulation. That means instead of being perfect as an undectectable sealer for artwork, it now inhibits the silicon from setting. I don't mind learning new things, I just hate for it to be on my artwork and dollars.

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