Monday, June 29, 2009

Sculpture and ANLD Garden Tour

How do you show working fountains in a temporary display?

I made this plywood stand to show two fountains in a very small space. Placed back to back they don't compete with each other. Two black plastic tubs served as the water reservoir. I used wire mesh to cover the tubs, leaving a central open space for the falling water. The wire grid was filled with pachysandra cuttings.( Any greenery would work, but I plan on rooting the pachysandra cuttings and using them in my garden.)

The greenery did three things: It hid the ugly tubs and visible pumps. It focused attention on the fountain, not the pool, and it contained the water splash and kept the display dry

My sculpture was in a new garden in Eastmoreland as part of the Association of Northwest Landscape Designers "Behind the Scenes Garden Tour"