Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sculpture and Drawing and Confidence

All artists need encouragement and reassurance.

As artists, we're going to make art because we must.
We must also work at becoming businessmen and women, an entirely different set of skills in order to market and sustain our art making. It isn't easy.

Sometimes I long for the confidence of childhood.

I just found this drawing of owls made by our little one when she was a young 4 years old. It makes me laugh.

No problems with theme, composition, color or line.
Or marketing.
Bang there it is.

"This is for you, Babu."
"Thank you, Baby."

Like I said, we take our encouragement and reassurance where ever we can find it.


Gina said...

So true, especially the business part of it and what about deciding on the price of your art piece.

kara rane said...