Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sculpture and Stone

Do you want to be a better sculptor?

Do you want to be a better gardener?

Do you just want to space out for a while?

Work with stone.
 That's right, play with rocks.

Not carving.
Just work with whatever stone you can get your hands on. On vacation at the beach, at the river, the desert? There are rocks everywhere.

There's two ways to approach working with rocks. Working for maximum stability or maximum instability. Both ways teach you important things about weight, mass and composition.

In Japan, they say that the flower arranger composes not just the flower but also himself/herself while working. The finished arrangement also is a way for viewers to compose themselves while viewing.

That is even more true of compositions in stone.


Jennifer Tetlow said...

Lovely post, but then I'm biased! I think all of us have a balance and rythm, curves and shapes within us and this influences how we place and organise things around us. It's about what shapes and combinations give us pleasure and make us happy and stone is very kind and giving, rewarding even our very smallest intervention.

kara rane said...

L♡ve rocks!