Friday, April 22, 2011

Sculpture and Tattoos

Unblemished skin is one of the glories of the nude body.

I was looking at my stats page and found that after Paradis Express,

All Things Ruffernarian,

and Art's the Answer,

the fourth referring URL was a site called Tattoo Designs Vault.

This doesn't look good. (Design theft, copyright infringement?)

Especially since I hate tattoos.

I've done thousands of drawings, not one do I want on my body.
When I see an arm covered in tattoos it looks like a fatal bruise.

My best course of action will be: Do nothing. 

I know that any tattoos based on my art will be a blackened mess in 20 years.  A rare case of life lasting longer than "art".

(I do wonder WHAT they were looking at on a sculpture blog? )

What is your take on tattoos? Have you designed or received any?


Susan Roux said...

I never understood why anyone would want a tattoo. It seems like a whim to me. One they must grow to regret. It's like looking back at photos of yourself 20 years ago and laughing at the style of clothes and hair. Thank God they weren't permanent!

Yet I see old ladies with an arm full of tattoos strutting around like they're something special and I wonder if this is the only way they feel unique? Like this suddenly set them apart from the rest to be noticed or something. Then I think how sad if that's the only thing that made one feel special, unique...

Gina said...

I have yet to see a tattoo that does anything for the owner. Possibly, a circus entertainer could benefit. Tattoos are repulsive.

Theresa Cheek said...

I am old school....never had my ears pierced, and no tattoos!

Deb said...

When we see S's owl drawings showing up on arms and legs all over Portland, we'll know where they came from!

Mark Downing said...

Perhaps your paper cuts, They would make interesting vignettes.

Patrick Gracewood said...

I think I've figured out why I find tattoos so disturbing... aside from the questionable aesthetics...

It's a figure/ground relationship. When I see a tattoo I stop seeing the person and look instead at the body part and the body art. It's the worst on dancers where my eye is drawn to the tattoo instead of their movement.

Tattoos, like all the body fetishes focus attention on a part not the whole. The what not the who.....

Angeline-Marie said...

I am not opposed to tattoos.

Depending on what/who/where, some tattoos are quite beautiful. My fiancée has some, he explained the stories, and although some need touch up are quite beautiful. He does make sure the tattoos are NOT scene at work.

My ears were pierced when two weeks old, as Spanish custom. I am afraid of needles because of allergy shots at five years old, and so not had additional piercings or tattoos designed on me. However, in one particular place, I may consider having a tattoo. LOTS of research before choosing the artist will happen. My design will look like their style, after all.

Piercing is actually my YUCK. Other than ears, WHY??? Nose = boggers & sneezing. Belly button = OUCH. Chin = EW. Eyebrow = OUCH.
Think of the scarring!!!!