Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sculpture and Li Chen

"I just got this book of a Taiwanese sculptor. You must see it. Come over immediately!"

With a summons like that you gotta go. My friend Richard Brandt was right. The sculptures of Li Chen are amazing. Spiritual, georgeous, playful, profound.

It's so wonderful to see art that isn't trafficing in irony.

Li Chen's work is based in Buddhist and Taoist traditions, but also very 21st Century. Wonder if he saw the late work of Eli Nadelman?

"Nothing in the Heart." bronze sculpture with silver leaf.

His surfaces are like polished basalt and mother of pearl. When they're not liquid gold or a water-like reflection of the sculpture.

"Landscape In Heaven", Bronze with gold and silver leaf.
Photos from Li Chen's website.

The New York Times ran an article "A Modern Spin on Spirituality" on his work

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