Monday, March 29, 2010

Sculpture and Dance- Weightless by Erika Janunger

The willing suspension of disbelief. A beautiful dance by Erika Janunger who also sings and designed the set.

Click on the title to see the video. Sorry but the new Blogger has somehow cropped the video. You're only seeing 3/4 of the video...;

A short dance/architectural movie, about defying gravity.

In bedroom Malin Stattin
In livingroom Tuva Lundkvist

Directed byErika Janunger
Scenography Erika Janunger
Photography and lightDavid Grehn
Costume Johanna Adebäck
Hair and Makeup Klara Janunger
Editing Josefine Truedsson
Postproduction Gustaf Holmsten

Music/ Lyrics-
and Vocals Erika Janunger
PercussionPontus Langendorf
Keyharp Erik Rydvall
Saxophones Nis Bäckvall
Produced by Henrik Svensson

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