Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sculpture and 10 things in the studio #8-9-10

Last installment of what makes me happy in the studio.

8. The woodshed. No naughty highjinks, just wood. Big slabs of black walnut, sequoia and cedar. Smaller chunks of exotics, jelutong, mahogonny, cherry. I'm stockpiling big chunks of fir, both lumber and logs, for future projects.
The box of ivory piano keys went to a good home. The woodshed also houses the molds for many of my relief series and assorted bird cages.

9. When it's cleaned up (every Saturday) the studio is also home to our contact improv dance jam. It's been going on for over 20 years. Dancing is the best prescription to hours of standing in place sculpting. Get out of my thinking and into my moving body.

10. Having so many parts of my life in one place. Even if they sometimes all want my attention at once.

Work, Garden, Pets, Family of all sorts, why would I want to leave?

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